Wedding on a boat Prague

Exchange your vows on the boat and create beautiful memories that will accompany you all your life together.

Do you find wedding in a church or office dull? Then we have a solution for you. Wedding on the boat is an original, courageous and romantic way to enter the marriage.

We arrange for you:

  • Wedding decoration
  • Wedding menu and complete buffet-style menu
  • Accompanying musical and entertaining program
  • Live or recorded music. You may also bring your favorite music and we are happy to play it for you.

We offer A to Z service topped with grand banquet.

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Seal you marriage with a kiss at the Charles bridge. Give us your wedding day idea and let us help you organize your dream wedding. Invite your loved ones, relatives and friends to the boat. There is plenty of room for everyone and thanks to our large fleet we suggest an appropriate boat size for your wedding. Your guests will not get bored during the wedding ceremony or reception. We also arrange an after-wedding party of you. Your wedding cruise in Prague will definately be something special as you will be surrounded by breathtaking views on the Prague's jewels such as the Prague castle and the Charles bridge.

Wedding requirements and conditions

  1. Wedding day booking

    • All you have to do to have your wedding on the boat is to book your wedding date. If you wish to have the Charles bridge or the Prague castle in the background of your wedding picture, book your date at
  2. Boat reservation

    • Once you know your wedding date, book your boat and the time of the cruise at
    • The boat is suggested depending on the group size and the client's demands
  3. Menu choice

    • If you wish to have your wedding reception on the boat, you may choose from our rich menu offers. We are happy to send our buffet or a la carte menu offers.
    • There is a possibility of arranging a catering of your own on our boats. Your wedding cruise in Prague may also be araranged without using our catering offers in case your wedding reception is set up at a different location.
    • We offer special beverage packages. Limited number of own bottles are also permitted for a low charge.
  4. Boat decoration

    • We decorate the boat for your wedding at your request.
    • Wedding decoration may also be arranged to match your wedding dresses colors.
  5. Accompanying program

    • We arrange for you accompanying program at your request - live music (pop, jazz, rock etc.), magician, cartoonist
    • You may also have a program of your own if you prefer so

For further inquires feel free to call or write to us:

+420 608 713 778